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Portugal Haven (Moulson & Howes Lda) was established to offer property and condominium management for developments and owners alike. Our steady growth into the property management has secured a good foothold within the market. This enables our colleagues to provide an excellent service which is governed by the locality of both the company and where our employees reside.The added benefit of condominium management is that it ensures that we can keep our key staff throughout the year, rather than just employing them for the Summer months, we understand that continuity is key.


The company vision is to provide an excellent open-communication to property owners and to try and preempt any questions / information a property owner would require. As property owners ourselves we understand fully the wants and needs of individual owners'requirements and the severe lack of communication pertaining to condominium issues. The continued success of our business and expertise within a buoyant market is to be ahead of the competition. We are constantly evolving with innovative ideas to further improve both customer service levels with owners and their prospective clients.


We provide a comprehensive condominium management service and liaise in both English, Portuguese and Spanish to both property owners and developers alike. We are fully confident that with the key colleagues within the company we offer a service which is second-to-none. If I were to sum-up our ethos I would have to say that our success is down to a determined, focus approach to business with a passion and belief in what we do. Colleagues are a pivotal arm of the company and the painstaking approach in the manner we recruit is testament to the high levels of customer service which is continually offered. We have relationship-built with many service providers with whom we have used on a business premise for in excess of 7 years.


Company services offered specifically for condominium management

Complex management

  • A comprehensive and systematic approach in fully ensuring that all necessary paperwork relating to the complex is maintained.
  • Working within the Portuguese Civil Code framework we ensure that all property owners receive an ever improving service for both their property and complex.
  • We pride ourselves on relationship-building with property owners and frequently visit the complex to ensure that service levels are being maintained and furthermore that the senior management fully oversee the complex. We also find that with a continual presence on the complex we increase the vigilance of the complex.
  • A monthly bulletin is emailed and can be emailed in 3 languages- Portuguese, English & Spanish to all owners and so it keeps an open-communication forum of the complex and where appropriate we include photographs.
  • All staff members are clearly identified by Portugal Haven uniform and ID badges so you know who our cleaners, gardeners, builders, pool technicians, administration and management team are.
  • Lockable notice boards are strategically placed within the complex and staff members constantly update their rota schedules (which are housed in each notice board) each and everytime they carry out their duty i.e. cleaning of the pool, gardening work carried out, sweeping / dry mopping the specific area. The rationale for this is simple we have to ensure that ALL complex users know when we have carried out our contracted works.

Services offered

  • Monitor the monthly usage of electricity and water by taking meter readings and continually trying to reduce the usage and therefore associated costs.
  • Full signatory support with any company or person with whom provides a service to the condominium.
  • Day-to-day management of contracted services within the condominium.
  • Ensuring that the social security declarations of the employees of the company are maintained.
  • 24-Hour call out service which is available to ALL property owners, however outside of office hours 9.00am – 5.00pm it is purely used for emergencies.
  • Portugal Haven at their disposal has a full complement of contracted services these include – Gas registered engineers, photographers, satellite engineers, joiners, tilers, borehole/water turbine specialists,alvara licenced taxi/minibus drivers, qualified electricians, translators, builders, emergency locksmiths, emergency glazers, emergency plumbers, emergency drain specialists, 24-hour security call-out, private property management service. This list evolves and increases as and when we need to add / use an affiliate service.


  • Reviewing the rules of procedure of the condominium and making specific amendments which further ensures that owners have a fuller control of their condominium.
  • A portal is in-place for all owners to be made aware of any instances which are brought to the condominiums attention via an email forum, therefore eradicating owners not being informed about a specific instance or Portugal Haven receiving duplication on instances from more than one owner.
  • Pursuing of the non-paying owners and ensuring that condominium fees are collected on a monthly basis. Working with the condominium lawyer in ensuring that non-payment owners are processed and the collection of monies are constantly reviewed as a priority.
  • The condominium administration manager would visit the complex once a week to go through their checklist to ensure that all aspects of the condominium are being maintained.
  • The senior management would visit the complex once a week to oversee all aspects of the condominium management.
  • Provide a monthly bulletin (forum) emailed to all property owners and implementing strategies to improve each area.
  • The tracking of the condominium (in-line with budgeted figures) is essential and is studied and managed each and every week.
  • Weekly meetings with the security personnel ensuring that we are reviewing each week and detailing any changes which are required to further improve the safety and security of the complex for each and every property owner.
  • Weekly meetings with the gardening team, cleaners, pool technicians etc ensuring that all aspects of the complex are monitored.
  • Representation at meetings with condominium matters with the condominium lawyer, builders/developer, camara, bank etc.
  • Upholding the 5-year guarantees that the developer has given for the complex and when defects occur, taking photographic evidence (eesential that each photo is Time Date Generated) and then implementing a meeting with the developer (with minutes in both Portuguese, English & Spanish if applicable) are duly recorded in the condominium Acta book. The Acta book is an ongoing report of the condominium management and acts as a chronological report for the complex. The Acta book is legally binding and ALL reports are recorded within the book.
  • AGM meeting minutes recorded in Portuguese, English & Spanish (if applicable). As per the Portuguese Civil Code a copy of the Agenda and both the previous budgeted accounts and forecasted accounts would be submitted to ALL owners alongwith a power of attorney (Proxy form) should owners wish to be represented by another person at the AGM. Both Senior Management, Administration Manager and translater will be present.
  • That the Livro de Complaints and accident books are maintained for the complex.
  • ALL property owners will receive the office telephone number (answer machine for out of hours), Administration manager number, 24-hour security call out number. Additionally, ALL owners receive email addresses pertaining to the Administration Manager & Senior Management.

Finances and accounting

  • Maintaining the current condominium bank account expenditure.
  • Ensuring that all condominium fees are paid on a monthly premise and any non-payments from owners are addressed immediately within the statues of the condominium regulations.
  • Ensuring that both the monthly and annual budgets are maintained and wherever possible savings are implemented on a continual basis.
  • Receipt documentation is managed in ensuring that all owners receive receipts for their condominium payments on a monthly basis ensuring that they can forward to their accountant etc.
  • Maintaining balance sheets in accordance with the condominium regulations.

Electronic email / website functionality

  • A timetable of scheduled works would be available for the differing seasons of the year which details specifically our main focus with regards to management of the complex, namely with specific regard to gardening, pool cleaning, complex cleaning, security management etc.


  • All Portugal Haven employees will be clearly identified by both uniform and ID badges and only authorised Portugal Haven employees would be allowed to work in the complex.
  • Health & Safety matters are continually monitored ensuring that the condominium insurance is being upheld.
  • Further improvements of the complex’s security would be continually monitored and improved.
  • Fire regulations will be maintained annually which will include any changes in law are upheld and that extinguishers are kept in-date and calibrated.
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