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Portugal Haven have linked-up with Golfplan Insurance a market-leader in golfing insurance policy's and can therefore provide competitive and comprehensive golfing insurance. Golfplan Insurance, the Society of Lloyd's and Underwriters at Lloyd's are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


Golfplan Insurance provides premier comprehensive annual golf insurance and travel insurance policies to UK Golfers

With effect from July 1st 2007 all new and renewed policies will benefit from ║ C5 million Public Liability cover and ║ C2 million Accidental Property Damage cover.


Golfplan provides a level of cover that no home or group club policy can compare.

Most home policies exclude sport injury public liability and provide restricted cover for equipment used for golf leaving you financially responsible in the event of an accident or theft of equipment. Most group club policies do not provide equipment cover.


By choosing Golfplan Insurance to protect your equipment used for golf and sports injury cover you can be assured of the highest level of professional care.

Our annual New for Old policies provide: 24 hour equipment cover even if stolen from a car boot or left unattended on the course/practice areas; replacement of equipment with brand new regardless of age; no policy excess for a total loss equipment claim; 24-hour buggy cover; 120 days worldwide cover; public liability and accidental damage to property whilst practising or playing golf at a golfing venue; no premium increase after claim settlement. Golfplan currently protects over ║ C40 million worth of equipment used for golf and valid equipment claims are settled via a UK network of over 2000 PGA golf professional outlets within 5-working days of receiving supporting documentation. Over the years our clients remain loyal to Golfplan, a testament to the quality and integrity of the product we provide.


Without GOLFPLAN Insurance 'Your Next Golf Shot Could Cost You a Fortune!'

In spite of an Appeal Court ruling that golfers will be liable for damages and injuries caused even if they shout FORE!, independent research suggests that 90% of individual UK golfers still play uninsured! Golfplan statistics show that over 12,000 golf accidents occur annually; 30% of which involve head injuries. The largest golf sport injury claim settled by Golfplan to date is ║ C87,000 after a policyholder's miss-hit tee shot hit a fellow golfer causing serious head injury. Can you afford to take the risk? In comparison the cost of an annual specialist golf insurance policy is an extremely small price to pay.


Golfplan Insurance is the forerunner of Specialist Golf Insurance providers.

Since its launch in 1984 Golfplan has experienced many imitation policies emerge, but most have fallen by the wayside. When choosing a golf insurance policy we advise you practice 'Caveat Emptor'! (buyer beware), since most cheap policies offer restricted golf equipment cover: New for Old only for equipment less than 2 or 3 years old; charge up to ║ C100 policy excess per claim; do not cover buggies nor equipment stolen from unattended cars or if left unattended on the course.


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