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It is almost impossible to convey every detail of each property we feature in the confines of our website. We therefore invite you to initially email us with your holiday requirements, we will then search & select on your behalf. Should you wish to discuss any property description, or your holiday requirements in more detail our friendly staff have intimate first hand knowledge of all of our properties and their locations, ensuring you will be matched perfectly to your own individual requirements.


How to choose the right property for you

All our properties are fully furnished and equipped and all have a hob, oven, iron, ironing board and fridge or fridge/freezer as standard (unless otherwise stated). Please refer to the individual property description to see whether your chosen property has additional facilities such as a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, and TV or music system. To enable you to make the right choice, as detailed above email us your holiday requirements and so we can then narrow your search of our properties.


Please call our reservations team on 00351 289591534 who will be instantly able to tell you if your selected property is available for your chosen dates. We are happy to hold provisional bookings for 1/2 days to enable your travel arrangements to be booked and for you to forward your completed booking form and deposit. Your holiday balance is due 10 weeks prior to departure and the payment date will be clearly noted on your confirmation invoice.


Winter Breaks

With the Algarve's often pleasant winter climate and its relaxed pace of life, many people enjoy a break away from the doldrums of the British winter. With this in mind we have specifically selected houses that are particularly suited to a winter holiday. Most of these properties have heated swimming pools and some form of interior heating, an ideal way to recharge your batteries.


Maid Service

To give you a break from mundane household chores whilst on holiday, we have arranged maid service for each property. Please see individual property descriptions for exactly how much is provided.


Resort Staff

Each property has its own House Manager, who is there to ensure that the house is maintained to a high standard at all times. We appreciate the fact that our clients are more independent than normal package holiday clients and do not necessarily need a member of our staff to visit. However, for your complete peace of mind, our Resort staff are always on hand to assist and happy to visit, should you wish. You will be given contact telephone numbers for your House Manager and a 24-hour out of office contact number for emergencies.


Your Financial Security

For complete peace of mind Portugal Haven strongly encourages payment by credit/debit card via PayPal to give you that added insurance of not only PayPal, but with your credit card company also.


Breakage Deposits

Many of our properties are carefully furnished second homes and therefore we take a security deposit that ranges from ║ C200-║ C500. This deposit is payable with your balance and refunded three weeks after your return subject to there being no damage to the property.


2012 bookings

Many of our houses are extremely popular and often book up over a year in advance. If you are already planning your 2012 holiday and wish to reserve your favourite property now, then we are happy to hold an Advance Registration for you for next year. Please contact us with your chosen dates, and subject to the property owners own personal holiday requirements, we will hold this property for you until our 2011 rates are published, therefore allowing you to only pay 2011 prices for a 2012 booking; providing the booking is made before 31st December 2011.



Weather in the Algarve is generally good throughout the summer, with a low average rainfall. Buildings are designed and furnished to be comfortable in hot temperatures, and may not be as well suited to wet or cold periods as houses in northern Europe. Humidity can be a particular problem in countries where temperatures are usually high. In very wet periods, properties may give the appearance of being damp. However, as soon as the weather reverts to normal, and houses can be aired properly, any sign of dampness will quickly disappear.



Be as security conscious whilst on holiday as you would be at home. Do not leave valuables on view in cars, and always be sure to secure the property doors, shutters and windows when going out, or if you are by the pool. We recommend you do not take items of great or sentimental value on holiday with you.


Mosquitoes & Other Pests

As with all hot countries, insects can be a problem. Use plug-in mosquito repellents in bedrooms, and a lotion to protect exposed skin when eating out. Uncovered food will attract hoards of ants so store all food in the fridge or in airtight containers. Ant powders will solve the problem if it occurs, but prevention is the best cure. Likewise accessible food is a great temptation for mice and other rodents so please remember to store provisions carefully and empty bins daily.


Cats, Dogs & Other Animals

Stray cats and dogs can occasionally be a problem in some areas. Should either beg for food at your accommodation, however sweet they look, please do not feed them. They may not be strays ║ C just opportunists looking for an extra meal! The next clients may not be as tolerant. Many local families keep dogs, which live outdoors and may sometimes be heard barking. Villas in rural areas may be located close to farms and smallholdings so farmyard noises are likely.


Water, Electricity & Solar Power

With little or no rain, shortages do occur which may result in a low water pressure or supplies being cut off for short periods. Please bear with it, the locals are suffering in the same way. The water is safe to drink, but may taste different and we therefore recommend you stick to bottled water for drinking and washing salads etc. Portuguese plumbing is not as efficient as we are used to and cannot cope with the disposal of nappies etc. If a blockage occurs, it often means that the floor of the property needs to be dug up which will undoubtedly cause disturbance to your holiday. Electricity cuts, especially after storms, are not uncommon. Some properties rely on solar power to heat water and if there is insufficient sunlight, shortages of hot water may occur although there is normally a back-up system which should prevent this from happening. Insufficient sunlight may also affect the water temperature of solar heated pools.


Beaches, Swimming Pools & Safety

Where we advertise the distance to the nearest beach, please bear in mind that access may be difficult for those with limited mobility. No swimming pool is safe for unsupervised children and many villas have bedrooms with direct access to the pool. Pool dimensions, where provided, are only approximate. Swimming pools are generally 1m ║ C 2m deep so are without a very shallow end so we would strongly recommend that upon arrival at your accommodation, you check the position of the shallow and deep ends. Please refrain from diving into the pool at any time. Towels for use by the pool are only provided if stated in the property description and must not be taken to the beach.


Toys, Games & Sports

Where advertised tennis courts, table tennis, snooker and pool tables are there to provide enjoyment but please don║ Ct expect them to be of championship standard! We recommend that you take bats, racquets and balls with you as these may not be provided. Occasionally owners and departing guests will leave toys and games for the following clients to enjoy but please exercise caution if you decide to use them as we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur as a result. Please also be aware that properties near golf courses are at risk of stray golf balls entering the garden!



We accept that accidents do happen, and if you break something, please either replace it or report it to the house manager who will endeavour to replace it for you. All breakages should be paid for before vacating the property, otherwise this will be deducted from your security deposit.


Breakage Deposits

We understand that accidents happen but should you or a member of your party cause damage to a property or its contents, property owners have the reassurance that we hold a breakage deposit. Generally, breakage deposits are refunded in full within 21 days after your return as most clients treat the properties with a great deal of care and respect. The maid will have checked the property prior to your arrival to ensure everything is in good order. Should you notice anything amiss, please report it immediately to the house manager.


Satellite & Cable TV

Please note that where a property description contains satellite and/or cable television, where advertised, it does NOT give access to the subscription channels (e.g. Sky which includes movies, sport and entertainment). Eurosport and News are usually available but may be the only channels available in English. Some owners have provided ║ Cfree to air║ C channels which will give access to a limited number of English terrestrial channels. We therefore cannot guarantee, or be held responsible, for any specific channels that may or may not be provided. Please note that inclement weather effects the satellite frequency and therefore the picture quality; once again we cannot be held responsible for a loss of channels.


Arrival & Departure

We will endeavour to have the property fully cleaned and ready for your arrival by 3pm on the day of your arrival and would ask you to vacate by 10am on the day of departure. It would be appreciated if you would strictly adhere to these rules, as cleaning the whole house thoroughly and to your satisfaction is a lot of work for the maid. If, when you arrive, work is still continuing, please allow the maid to finish. If you arrive on an early flight, it is sometimes possible for you to leave your luggage at the property from 12 noon onwards.


Cots & High Chairs

These are not in each property as a matter of course but can be ordered in advance (see booking form). The cots will either be foldable travel types or standard wooden frames, but not necessarily to British safety standards. In either case, cot linen is supplied.





Taxi & Minibus

We provide air-conditioned transportation for any party size from a taxi for 1 person to a coach seating 50. All taxi's / minibuses are air-conditioned and are chauffeur-driven and all drivers have excellent English and are safe drivers. Unlike other taxi company's when you book a taxi with us your taxi is private and is therefore not shared with any other parties.
Please contact us for your Taxi prices.

All our taxi's provide the correct seating for your child, taking into consideration their age and weight.


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