Air Conditioning

Portugal Haven offer expertise advice in a complex, ever-changing market of air conditioning and heating applications. You will find that we are totally independent from vendors and can supply any brand that you wish. We offer a wide range of air conditioning units from a vast selection of brands, from household names such as Mitsubishi, LG, and Sanyo to specialist companies such as Daikin.


We can offer consultation, design and a free quotation to supply and fit your air-con units or just fit your already purchased units. We also offer installation, maintenance and servicing of products.


Portugal Haven has fully trained and highly experienced air conditioning installation engineers who with the minimum of disturbance will install your air conditioning units into your property.




Quite simply ECOsense135  will monitor a room to see if it's being used, if its not then ECOsense135 will switch off your air conditioning by means of emulating the off function of your A/C remote controller. Thus ensuring that the A/C unit goes through its correct shut down procedure.


ECOsense135 also has a night setting allowing a comfortable nights sleep.

Help save the planet and your pocket at the same time! ECOsense135 is battery operated and, under normal summer conditions should pay for itself within the first month of use.



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