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Portugal Haven offer an excellent understanding when it comes to either fully or part-furnishing your property. Whether you have a 1-bed apartment to a 6-bedroom villa. We carefully listen to your "wants & needs" and then best advise which furniture package or even a bespoke package is best suited to your needs. We have many clients who require our services in fully furnishing their property specifically for rental to maximize the rental return. Portugal Haven are fairly unique in our approach as we offer not only furniture packs to enhance your purchase, but we also offer the long-term relationship in the form of Property and Rental management.


The process is simple:

  • Choose your designated furniture package and or bespoke package.
  • Once both parties have agreed on the complete furniture package, Portugal Haven will provide you with a Furniture Package order with relevant timescales and payment terms.
  • Once the first payment has been made then Portugal Haven will commence the ordering of all furniture and setup a works schedule in accordance with the order.
  • Before any furniture is delivered to your property, Portugal Haven insist on the changing of locks, additional window / patio door locks, that both Building, Contents and Public Liability Insurance is in-place.
  • Digital pictures are then emailed to you to give you an update. This is essential because unless you physically take a trip over to view the works carried out how do you know that the works / furniture has been installed.

We offer a superb collection of fully coordinated furniture packs, white good packages, air-con packages and home furnishings that have been specifically designed for residential and rental properties.


Our company is in great demand as furniture packs and home furnishing services are increasingly being used to entice prospective buyers and tenants to help our clients make the most of their investment.


This led us to spearhead a means of providing furniture packs, furniture packages and home decor packs to accommodate all clients home furnishing needs, no matter what the budget, or desired furnishing style. Our intention is to firstly provide more for less. Our furnishing pack inventories have been compiled specifically with the tenant in mind. You will find our furnishing pack inventory to be extremely comprehensive, including items that are usually overlooked, such as TV's, DVD's, Game Consoles, Satellite TV, Hoovers, several changes of linen and towels, complete kitchen packs, accessories etc.


An important factor is the durability of the furnishings, as owners do not want to find themselves replacing furniture items or linen every year. The bulk of our furnishings in our furnishing packs and furniture packages are designed to


Our furniture packs have been created so that you can make the right decision the first time and will have the peace of mind, that they will still be practical and stylish in several years time.


All of the products in our furniture packs are readily available and should you be required to replace a broken plate, glass or lost fork, you can do so without either having to purchase a new set or even worse, ending up with a mix of colours and styles


Whilst we have selected a range of furniture packages and home decor packs, at selected budgets I have initially highlighted packages for a T1 & T2 property.

In order for us to give you a specific bespoke quotation it is best you view our show-houses and then we can create your exacting requirements.

We have many woods to chose from along with many fabric and furniture styles.

To give you an idea of our attention to detail and the services with which are provided please click on the following links:


T1 Furniture Packages T2 Furniture Packages


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