It is rare to hear of a new-build being broken-into in the Algarve, but unfortunately it occurs. Many new owners are so excited and relieved that they have now got their keys to their new property in the Algarve that they forget to become security conscious. It is at this stage of ownership either when you have just received the keys for your new home, or are in the process of changing management companies or have just furnished your new home; that you have to be aware of the risks and the best way to reduce them.


Here at Portugal Haven we insist that when we take-on a new client, whether they own a new-build or have simply changed from another management company; that the following checks are carried out:

  • Change of locks
  • Addition of window / patio door locks (not only from an added safety point, but also reduces your insurance premium)
  • Evidence from you that Building, Contents & Liability Insurance is in-place (copies will be kept on client's folders). If you haven’t got these insurances in-place
  • Inventories are created / updated (If you require digital pictures which back-up your typed inventories then just ask for a quote, this again is excellent if you have to make a claim with your insurance company as photographic proof)
  • Portugal Haven will require 4 full-sets of keys for your property, two sets are to be given (if required) to the guests staying in your property and another two sets are kept as “Master sets” by Portugal Haven, these will also have a duplicate safe key and post-box key

Additional services we offer:

  • Additional keys cut at competitive prices and also many of the new properties today have keys with which can only be cut at specialist approved locksmiths
  • Additional garage fob’s because typically you have now received your new keys for your property but only one garage fob. We would need another 2 fobs one to be given to the clients and a spare at all times
  • Full locksmith services

    Locked out?

    If you are locked out of your House, Car or Office then we can get you back in. The latest technology and techniques allowing our locksmiths to open 99% of locks without damage to your Property. We can open door and window locks, car locks, filing cabinets, padlocks, and safes!!

Additonal security measures:


Portugal Haven clients receive our fullest attention when it comes to security as we carry out a fortnightly security check on your property. It is a fact that a property regularly visited is less likely to be targeted for burglary. It might simply be that we have experience a storm or heavy rainfalls and we check that the drains are not blocked with leaves etc. Additionally, we check the locks on all doors, windows and shutters.


We also can provide a bespoke burglar alarm system (which has been approved by Lloyd & White our Insurance Brokers & the GNR (Portuguese Police) through our Burglar Alarm and CCTV affiliated company. The burglar alarm then has Portugal Haven staff as “Keyholders” so in the event of an alarm the Alarm control centre contact us directly on your behalf. We would not recommend a burglar alarm that just sounds as like in the UK / Ireland nobody takes a great deal of notice when was is sounding. If you would like us to arrange a free no-obligation consultation to install a Burglar alarm at your property then just either contact us below:



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