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Portugal Haven deals with a select few Estate Agencies and in some instances deals directly with the Builders / Developers on behalf of prospective new owners, therefore cutting-out the middleman.


Whether you are wanting to buy or sell your property, contact us in the first instance as it might just be that we have a client who wishes to buy your apartment (through our database of existing clients) or we know of a good developer who is presently developing a property to match your criteria.


The legal requirements and process for selling a property in Portugal are very similar to those for purchasing. It is important to ensure that all relevant documents are available and up to date and there are no outstanding charges against the property. Incomplete documentation and outstanding charges will delay the sale process, and in some instances this maybe for many months.


Also, do not forget that once the promissory contract is signed, should you back out of the proposed sale you will be obliged to repay double the amount of the original deposit.


Capital gains tax may be due and it is advisable to contact your local tax office to find out what you will be expected to pay. It may be prudent to contact a tax advisor if you are a UK resident for tax purposes, as Portugal and UK have an agreement to avoid capital gains tax being paid twice. There are exemptions on tax being paid, for example, **should you reinvest the funds in the purchase of another property**.


There are no legal restrictions on the movement of funds relating from the sale of a property.


We would advise that in all matters regarding property, you contact a legal advisor, and of course we will be there to help at all times.


Please contact us for further information on selling your property including market assessment and recommendations for Lawyers, Accountants and Surveyors.


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